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We all know that music play a huge part of our lives. Either you produce, edit, or listen to music. Less people are Producing music with real instruments, probably as a result of the IT-era that has been booming for years, but we know that some of you out there have the necessary amount of skills and guts to become the next rock or pop star.

The great potential that some of you have, comes with an obligation;
The pioneer of art is failing to fulfil its own purpose by not sharing the wonders that are hidden within in its talent.

Who we are

We’re just a small group of 3 music lovers. We play, we produce and we love all sorts of art and the culture that comes with it

Mattias, Ylva and Marie – “A small crew of 3 who run this joint.”

We all come from the north of Scandinavia, a place where the sun never sets in summer and northern lights paint the skies during the winter nights.

All of our articles may not be entirely linked to music as we tend to like a little stroll to other cultural topics too!

What we do

We spend lots of time in studios, jamming, rehearsing and performing. But of course we have jobs like everyone else.

Mattias works in a local music studio as a sound producer, Ylva works as a singing coach and Marie have been touring with her incredible acoustic sessions on smaller venues in mainly Norway and Denmark.

Why a website?

Well, we too were noobs once but we spent years learning different recording techniques in the “Sound Technique” and playing in both concert halls and music studios.

When we checked the internet for advice, we realized that it was filled with insufficient information.

The main concept about it is to spread the word, share experiences and help fellow musicians grow and develop faster than us.

Hours in the Studio

Although we all spent countless of hours in the studio, Mattias seems to be the one who spent the most.

Mattias however, have estimated that his accumulated time in music studios exceeds a year!

Ylva & Marie are both exceptionally good singers and they both play other instruments too, while Mattias plays all the general instruments: Guitar, Piano, Drums, Percussions, Bass, Banjo and he also sings.

The tips we’ve got for you might save your day, equally effective for you as they were tough lessons for us.

Why Music?

Well, that’s a super good question but it was actually never about a choice.

Music fell into our laps, in different ways perhaps, but none of us ever had to choose between music and something else.

We all studied multiple music subjects for years and as we started to work – we naturally kept playing music on our free time until we met each other in 2009, when we managed to create new melodies together with an authentic sound.

How can we help?

There will always be more questions than answers out there, in a good way. Music is for the hungry ones.

Ask and we might be able to help you out with something! Write a comment to any of the articles and we’ll try to assist you in the best way we can!

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