4 Popular Music Genres That You Should Understand

Music is colorful because it has different genres. People choose to listen to genres they are familiar and are most comfortable with. There are a lot of genres to choose from, but here are four of the most popular. Getting a better understanding of each one will help you appreciate music more.

1. Pop

Pop music or popular music started making waves back in the 1950s. Its common characteristics are: not very artistic as more focus is given to technique and craft, a lot of focus on rhythm, and recording is more important than live musical shows. Pop music is created to appeal to the general population. Nothing complicated, everything is simple.

2. Rock

Originally called rock and roll, rock has metamorphosed into different types and styles. Its sound has a lot of electric guitars and drums. While there are rock songs that talk about love, there are also those that tackle deeper issues such as politics, cultural differences, and prejudices. Rock musicians love live performances and value musicianship. It has several sub-genres including classical rock, alternative rock, progressive rock, and psychedelic rock, among others.

3. Club Music or Electronic Dance Music

In the past, we danced to a lot of disco music. But times have changed, and we now have club or electronic dance music (EDM). Common characteristics of this genre: played in dance clubs, a lot of synthetic electrical instruments, features DJs as main artists (most of the time).

4. Metal or Heavy Metal

Heavy metal music is kind of like a higher and heavier version of rock music. It uses a lot of distorted sounds, and the beats are heavy. You’ll also hear a lot of drums, but they’re performed at faster speeds, though.

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