How to secure tickets to a sold out concert!

You are going to a concert but the tickets were all sold out and you don’t know if you will find any tickets to get in.

Tough luck friend, but bear in mind that you are not completely out of options. There are a couple of tricks left to try before you surrender on the gig of the evening.

Never take no for an answer!

If you really want to go, make sure to explore all of your options before giving up on the concert of your dreams.

There actually are multiple options both online and in real life. I’ve listed as many tricks as I can here in this article but please feel free to email me any other suggestions if I missed out any vital information. Merci mon ami!

Concert Value


Try to make up your mind about how much this concert is worth to you. Is your favourite band going to play or is it an average band?

Either way, you can probably conclude you’re your sentimental value is for this concert in particular. After you know how much the concert is worth to you, bring the money and go to the show.

There will always be someone who can’t go at these shows, be sure that you are in the right place at the right time.

If you bring more than what you think that the concert is worth, you are likely to spend more than you want for the ticket. Instead, go there and keep an eye & ear out for things that might reveal a potential seller.

Although there are those who overcharge the tickets, there will always be real people who can’t go and these people are usually happy to get back 80% back of the spent money rather than nothing at all.

Listen Actively


There are sellers there, without doubt. Some words are however more revealing than other, such as “extra ticket”, “too many tickets” or “can I sell this?”.

Trust your intuition, go up to these people and ask them if they have an extra ticket.

The worst thing that can happen is that they don’t have a ticket but the best thing that could happen is that they sell you a ticket.

The main perk about finding one-time sellers is that these people are usually not looking to make a profit from the ticket – but rather to save a potential loss.

These guys will be the ones to save your day as you have a big chance of finding tickets which are cheaper than the real tickets.

The “professional” sellers will always try to make profit out of you, contrary to the temporary sellers who just want to cut their losses.


Twickets is a super smart concept where people can buy tickets from others for the face value.

It leaves less room for the swindlers while allowing the majority of its users to buy their favourite tickets online at a good price.

These guys have been around since 2011 and they actually offer tickets for any type of event!

So it doesn’t matter if you are looking for music tickets for your favourite band or if you want to watch a football derby in Manchester – you can find them all at !

This is an easy alternative compared to many other alternatives, but not everyone is using Twickets so you might feel luckier by asking around outside the venue of the event.

Easy Auto Refresh-Plugin

“Easy Auto Refresh” is the name of a Google Chrome plugin, it allow you to refresh a page at a certain time interval.

Through this Chrome plugin, you can easily set a ticket site to refresh every 5 seconds for example, which increase your chances of grabbing a ticket that shows up late in the listings.

This Chrome plugin works on basically every possible site, so don’t limit yourself by only using this plugin for tickets. Think outside the box and you will probably find lots of value in this Google Chrome plugin.

Seating Chart

If you are thinking about buying tickets outside the concert/event, make sure that you bring a seating chart.

A seating chart works like a map but over the seating in the venue. You might wonder why you should bring one and you might be surprised, but the reason to bring a seating chart is simply to prevent yourself from being cheated on the tickets.

Some people will try to tell you that their ticket has the best views, a seating chart allow you to quickly confirm their claim to get a better idea about the value of the ticket.

Having a seating chart can also make it easier to inspect the ticket that you are about to buy.

Inspect your Ticket!

Some people will always try to scam you.

You should definitely not feel weird about buying tickets on the streets or outside the venue, but you should always inspect the tickets.

In order to be able to inspect your ticket, you will need to look up how they actually look first. What’s the difference between VIP tickets and regular tickets?

Look up the specifics if you plan on buying tickets on the streets. Not doing so, will most probably reward you with a semi-expensive lesson.

Always do your homework; at least you get smarter even if you don’t manage to find the ticket to your dream concert.

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