Music and Music Venues


The story of music started many years ago when the harp and flute were created by Egyptians some time in 4000 BCE. After this came the creation of the natural or valveless trumpet, which happened back in 2500 BCE. Later on, the world was introduced to the guitar, one of the most popular musical instruments. This then led to a new concept in music, the mixing of vocals and instruments.

Nowadays, music is at its creative best. Aside from instruments or accompaniment, there are elements like blending, tone, and rhythm. Additionally, you can create music even without instruments, and this is called a capella. There’s also what you call beat box music or beatboxing, which involves creating music by mimicking or imitating the sound of instruments using your voice, tongue, mouth, and lips. All these are regularly seen and heard in various music venues.

Music Venues

There are music venues all over the world. Wherever you go, you are bound to find several bars, clubs, and even restaurants that provide regular live musical entertainment. There are also music venues that offer bigger musical entertainment like concerts. Some of the most popular types of music venues are as follows:

-Clubs: generally for dance music and there’s a dance floor where everyone gathers to swing and sway to the music
-Bars: where live bands and solo singers perform regularly, and people can sing along with them
-Arenas, Stadiums, and Fields (mostly football field): for concerts with large audiences
-Theaters: mostly for theatrical plays and musicals but are often used for concerts, too

Some music venues have their own audio systems while others do not.

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