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Friends of Billy is the premier online destination for music. It is dedicated to providing you all the information you need about music and related matters. We regularly come out with high-quality content that our team conceptualizes and creates. But the more information we gather from different people, the better we can be of assistance to musicians and music lovers. So we would like to invite you to write for us.

If you want to write about music – anything that’s relevant to the Friends of Billy community – please feel free to share them with us. Your thoughts, experiences, ideas, and practically anything that can help people understand, appreciate, and love music more. Here are some guidelines for you to remember if you want to write for Friends of Billy.

Rules & Guidelines

1. Before anything else, please find time to observe our content or writing style here at Friends of Billy. You don’t have to copy the exact outline of our articles; just take note of the flow and the tone.

2. Please limit your content topic to music and music-related issues.

3. Please submit an outline or a draft of your article before sending the final copy to us. This will help us find out what kind of content we will be getting from you. Likewise, this will help us plan how and when we will position and publish your content on the site.

4. All written contributions must be submitted in Microsoft Word format. Font size should be ____. Font style should be _____________.

5. Each contributor is allowed to submit a maximum of _____ articles per month. If you do submit more than one content, they will be published on different dates.

6. All contributions must be submitted to ____(email address)_______. Please write the word CONTRIBUTION on the Subject box.

7. Please attach a brief bio with your submission/s. This should contain basic information about yourself, including details about your background in music or the reason/s why you love music. Likewise, do not forget to include links to your website or blog (if applicable) and social media accounts. Include a recent photo of yourself, too.

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