What about the lost and found office?

I travel quite a lot, for work, pleasure, and sport. I prefer driving my car around, and I actually hate flying as it scares me a lot. However, I find that quite often I have to take a plane to reach my destination.

I mostly travel with a small bag or suitcase, but when I stay away longer or need to carry with me specific things, I have more luggage. And, while I have had many different unpleasant experiences with airports, planes, travel agencies and even airline companies, I only once experienced the “lost and found” office. 

I was going to Dubai to play some gigs and, on top of my luggage, I was travelling with my drumkit, which, of course, got lost in Amsterdam where we changed planes. I waited at the luggage belt in Dubai and then saw that my name was on a screen, saying “please go to the lost and found office”. I was already pretty upset when I reached the office, but I must say I calmed down quite quickly because the staff there were so nice, I could not maintain my anger. I went to the hotel that night without my drums, aware that I needed them to play in a few days and not counting too much on the fact I would ever find them. 

I was extremely pleased when, the following morning, they were waiting for me at the reception desk of the hotel. Among all the experiences I have had travelling, the one of the “lost and found” office, is certainly one of the most positive I can tell about.